Activities in 2014

Nation and Empire in the Age of Internationalism

marshall plan

Spreckmeester. Whatever the weather, we only reach welfare together (1950). George C. Marshall Foundation

Monday 21 July 2014
CCANESA Boardroom
Level 4, Madsen Building
The University of Sydney

Held under the auspices of the Laureate Research Program in International History, the Sydney Intellectual History Network and the Nation-Empire-Globe Research Cluster.

This workshop investigates the socio-political relationship between nationalism, internationalism and imperialism from the nineteenth century to the present. Panels of historians, legal scholars and political theorists from Australia and abroad will address the following questions:

  • Did nationalism give birth to international human rights norms?
  • How internationalist is international law?
  • How did the end of colonialism transform the nation-state?
  • Is the European Union a successor to continental European empires?
  • Does supra-nationalism threaten the democratic nation-state?
  • Does the rise of the of the 'global' mean the demise of the 'international'?

Program and Paper Abstracts (PDF)