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NEAF grant recipient working at Gallipoli.

NEAF strongly believes that its major function is to provide financial assistance to students who would not be able to pursue their interests if it were not for the small but hugely useful grants provided by NEAF each year. In turn, NEAF relies on your generosity to help us to help students in both Australia and New Zealand. Please consider making a donation to NEAF so that we can continue this important work.

NEAF provides grants to postgraduate research students working in those fields that are the major concern of the Foundation. The Catherine Southwell-Keely Travel Grant of $3500 is given annually. Grants-in-Aid of varying amounts are awarded for smaller research projects, ranging from overseas travel, archaeometric sample preparation, thesis preparation costs, photography and minor equipment purchases. These grants are available to enrolled postgraduate students of Australian and New Zealand universities. Their aim is to help graduate students establish themselves in their chosen field of research, and increasingly, to supplement scarce research expense funding. The grants are advertised in September each year.

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J. Basil Hennessy Fund

Basil Hennessy

J. Basil Hennessy AO

J. Basil Hennessy AO was Professor of Middle Eastern Archaeology (1970-1990) and Foundation Director of NEAF (1986-1991). After Undergraduate study at Sydney (1947-49), postgraduate research in the Middle East (1950-1952) and several years teaching at Sydney University (1953-61) under the legendary Jim Stewart, Hennessy read his Doctorate at Oxford (1962-64) before launching his field career in Jerusalem at British School Director (1965-70). He returned to Australia in 1970, and effectively re-instituted the teaching of Near Eastern Archaeology at Sydney University after a ten-year hiatus. He was confirmed as Edwin Cuthbert Hall Professor in 1973, and thereafter developed hugely influential courses in Levantine and Cypriot archaeology, which produced most of the current batch of Australian Near Eastern scholars active today. As well as his teaching, Hennessy directed two hugely important excavation projects in Jordan, the first at Chalcolithic Teleilat Ghassul (1975-77) and the second at the long-lived ancient city of Pella of the Decapolis (1978-90).

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NEAF intends to set up the J. Basil Hennessy Fund, administered through NEAF, to celebrate the life and works of Basil. It is still not decided exactly how this Fund will be used to do this: it may be through a travelling scholarship for a student; or financial help to ensure that Basil's archaeological studies are published. What we do know is that it will be used to remember Basil and to continue his interests in Near Eastern archaeology and his passion of passing knowledge to a new generation of scholars.

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