Bequests to NEAF

NEAF gratefully receives bequests from both members and the general public where these bequests can both be administratively accommodated by NEAF and are deemed a useful addition to foster NEAF's aim of furthering study and participation in Near Eastern Archaeology.

The Christopher Caley Bequest

Chris Caley

Christopher Caley at Stonehenge

Christopher Martin Caley was born in Katoomba on the 27th September 1948.

He learnt to read at an early age, and soon became an avid reader with a wide variety of interests which include reading the dictionary cover to cover before he had finished junior school- indeed an academic in the making. He graduated from Sydney University with a BA (Hons) and an LLB with Distinction, and set forth on a long and successful career in Law.

Whilst Law was his trade, his keen interest in history had by this point developed into a passion for ancient history, archaeology, and anthropology.

With his formidable command of languages - English, French and Latin - combined with an insatiable quest for knowledge in his specialised interests, he accumulated an extensive library of specialty books ranging from English Literature, poetry, history, law and archaeology.

In 1980s he participated in a three month dig at Qsar Ibrim on the Nile, Egypt with Cambridge University as their leather expert, and travelled extensively to many of the worlds key archaeological sites across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It is no surprise that he went to complete his Masters of Letters with a research piece being titled Angling for Old Bones.

Chris was a man of quick and dry wit and he was much loved and highly regarded by his peers. Even post-formal studies, he remained a lifelong academic, with his passion for learning leading to this collection of books.

He is survived by his wife Twee, mother Freda , his three children and brother Pete.

NEAF is extremely honoured to receive Chris's collection of books for inclusion into the CCANESA library where we are sure they will be a welcome addition for students and scholars alike.