Grant Reports

Below is a selection of reports written by students who have received a NEAF Grant in Aid. These reports show how NEAF supports wide-ranging research and how these grants are a valuable aid to the receiving student.

  • Caleb Hamilton reports on research conducted during 2013 at the Dakhleh Oasis in Egypt. Download report here.
  • Aleksandra Michalewicz reports on research conducted during six weeks in Georgia. Download report here.
  • Edna Wong tells us a little about ceramic characterisation and inter-site variability in Iran. Download report here.
  • Ruth Ward tells us about her research into the contents of humble pits that are found in Bronze Age temples. Download report here.
  • James Fraser reports on his Jordanian survey to learn more about the huge Bronze Age burial tumuli that dot the landscape. Download report here.
  • D'arne O'Neill fills us in on her study of stone and metal miniatures that have been excavated from a cemetery in Yemen. Download report here.
  • Karyn Wesselingh reports on her trip to Jordan to collect data on ancient diet and animal management. Download report here.
  • Diane Barker reports on her excavations at the site of Tell Abraq in the United Arab Emirates. Download report here.
  • Diane Barker also reports on her findings from the Bronze Age pottery from Tell Abraq in the United Arab Emirates. Download report here.

NEAF 2017 Grant Recipients

The 2017 NEAF Grant recipients were:

The Leone Crawford Travel Grant ($5000): Holly Winter, University of Sydney for "Palaces of the Middle and Late Bronze Age Southern Levant: A Functional Analysis".

The Catherine Southwell-Keely Travel Grant ($3500): Paula Phillips, University of Melbourne for "The Cemetery 1000 at Tell Fara South – A Re-Examination of the Tomb Assemblages and the Historical Implications”.

Grant in Aid ($1000): Stacey Gorski, University of Melbourne for “Paleopathologies of an Ancient Egyptian mummified head investigated using minimally-invasive techniques”.

NEAF 2016 Grant Recipients

2016 NEAF Grant recipients were:

Anne Dighton, University of Queensland: The Catherine Southwell-Keely Travel Grant ($3,500)

Natalie Langowski, University of Melbourne: The Leone Crawford Travel Grant ($5,000)

Bonnie Clark, Australian National University: Grant in Aid ($3,500)

Sharyn Volk, University of Melbourne: Grant in Aid ($1,000)

Sam Crooks, La Trobe University: Grant in Aid ($2,000)

NEAF 2015 Grant Recipients

2015 NEAF Grant recipients were:

David Salaris, Macquarie University
Leone Crawford Travel Grant ($5000)
The Kingdom of Elymais (ca. 300BCE – 224 CE). A comprehensive analysis (textual, archaeological and artistic) of one of the most important reigns in southern Iran

Sam Crooks, La Trobe University
Catherine Southwell-Keely Travel Grant ($3500)
The Archaeology of Value. Materiality and Identity in Cyprus during the 3rd Millennium BCE

Frances Wiig, University of NSW
Grant-in-Aid ($2500)
The Application of Radar Remote Sensing in the Archaeology of Oman and Ethiopia

Simon Young, University of Melbourne
Sam Eames Grant-in-Aid ($1500)
Symbols of Community Identity in the Greek Polis in Asia Minor

NEAF 2014 Grant Recipients

2014 NEAF Grant recipients were:

Yasmina Wicks (PhD student) - University of Sydney - Leone Crawford ($5000) for research at the University of Naples l'Orientale into unique Elamite funerary practices.

Joshua Emmitt (PhD student) - University of Auckland - Southwell-Kealy ($3500) for research regarding the identification of variability in settlement and economy in Neolithic Egypt through ceramic analysis.

Sarah Ricketts (MA student) - Monash University - Sam Eames Grant-in-Aid ($1000) for research into the lithic assemblage of the Mut al-Kharab site, Dakleh Oasis, Egypt.

Ana Becerra (PhD student) - University of Sydney - Grant-in-Aid ($2000) for research into the iconography of the elite arts in Elam, Assyria, Persia.

Sarah Midford (PhD student) - University of Melbourne - Grant-in-Aid ($1000) for research into the cultural interaction between antiquity and the early 20th century at Troy and Gallipoli.