Past Lectures: 2012-2013

March 2012


Archaeology and Heritage in the Persian Gulf: Past and Present Asymmetries
Lecture by Professor Dan Potts.

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April 2012


Did God have a Wife? Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel.
Lecture by Professor William Dever.

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May 2012


Archaeology and the Bible in Jordan: Sanctuary of Lot.
Lecture by Dr Konstantinos Politis.

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September 2012


How Temples became Churches and Mosques: a survey of evidence from the Levant.
Lecture by Dr Ross Burns.

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October 2012


Fire and the Divine: Aspects of cult practice in the ancient Persian world.
Lecture by Dr Alison Betts.

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March 2013


Forensic Archaeology: A Developing Field.
Lecture by Emiterus Professor Richard Wright AM.

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April 2013


New Insights into the First Farmers of Central Turkey.
Lecture by Dr Andrew Fairbairn.

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May 2013


Nomads, Tribes, States and Empires.
Lecture by Professor Philip Salzman.

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July 2013


Ibn Khaldun, Assabiya and social formation in ancient Arabia.
Lecture by Professor Peter Magee.

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July 2013


NEAF Seminar Series.
The Second Millennium CE.

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September 2013


The Excavation of Jerablus Tahtani by Carchemish on the Euphrates.
By by Professor Edgar Peltenburg.

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