Cypriot Antiquities

Macmillan Art Publishing (+61 3 98251099) have released Cypriot Antiquities of The University of Melbourne. This volume is by Sally Salter with an introduction by Robert Merrilees (224 pages, colour throughout. Case bound. RRP $A99.00).

The University of Melbourne's collection of Cypriot Antiquities was mainly established and developed between the 1930s and 1960s by the late Professor J, R. Stewart, Director of the Melbourne Cyprus Expedition. Largely ceramic, and extending from the Bronze Age to the Roman, Sally Salter's
comprehensive research into the collection makes this book a fitting companion volume to the previous publication, Greek Vases in the Collection of the University of Melbourne, by Peter Connor and Heather Jackson.

With more than 110 of the 370 separately accessioned entries previously unpublished, Sally Salter's scholarly catalogue is a welcome contribution to international work in this field, bringing to worldwide attention a comprehensive collection never before published in its entirety. Magnificent colour photography of the artefacts and location shots of many Cypriot sites add to the allure of this beautiful book which will prove essential to museums, collectors and all interested in this fascinating civilisation and its material evidence.

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