The Quarantine Project:
Stories from the Sandstone

The Quarantine Project is a collaborative research initiative based around the former Quarantine Station at Sydney’s North Head. Uniting archaeologists, historians and heritage experts, we are documenting the many rock carvings and other markings made at the site through its 150 years of operation from 1835 to 1984. There are well over 1000 such inscriptions in the sandstone, each serving as an enduring ‘postcard’ connecting modern visitors to stories from the past. These stories - of people, journeys, diseases and incarceration - will be analysed and shared via our research.

This 3-year linkage project has been generously funded by the University of Sydney, the Australian Research Council and our industry partners, the Mawland Group, in cooperation with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Latest News

  • 2nd International Contact Rock Art Symposium

    North Australia Research Unit, Darwin

    13–15 September 2013

    - Anne Clarke and Ursula Frederick: ‘Encounters with a new land: marking presence, place and passage at the North Head Quarantine Station, Sydney’


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