About Us

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The Quarantine Project is a partnership between groups and individuals with a passionate interest in understanding the past.

Our Archaeology team, Dr Annie Clarke and Ursula Frederick, both have expertise in documenting and interpreting rock art and other forms of mark-making such as modern graffiti. Central to their work is accurately recording the many carvings and paintings made by people held in quarantine, especially as the elements are taking their toll on these messages from the past. The archaeologists ‘read’ not just the words and pictures, but also the ways and places in which people left their marks in the sandstone of North Head.

Our History team, Professor Alison Bashford and Dr Peter Hobbins, specialise in medical history. Beginning with the names and dates from the inscriptions, they are tracing stories outwards through archival research. Building a database of people, places, vessels and voyages, the historians are analysing both individual narratives and the larger historical contexts of nationhood, legislation, travel, emigration and defence. Their work helps explain how disease structured and changed people’s lives – and the landscape.

Our industry partner, the Mawland Group, specialise in the imaginative and adaptive re-use of historic sites. In addition to their care for the physical fabric of the buildings and landscape, they provide an on-site museum, tours and educational resources to explain the shifting place of the Quarantine Station in the history of Sydney, New South Wales, and Australia.