About our events

The Research Cluster will organise a major public event every year. Through these initiatives, the Research Cluster expresses its two fundamental dimensions:

  1. a public outreach dimension that would engage with diverse philosophical and non-philosophical disciplines
  2. an intellectual research dimension that would bring together academic staff and postgraduate students.

Reading and Discussion Group

In the first semester of 2012 the group will be reading a series of
papers that provide interpretations of the connection between Hegel's
metaphysics and his philosophical theology. Engagement with debates in this area will lead us, in the second semester of 2012, to focus on
material from primary texts also. Included here will be portions
germane to Hegel's theory of the Trinity, and his response to Kant's
critique of Aquinas's arguments for the existence of God.

Previously the group was engaged with commenting on Hegel’s 1827
Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion. Some notes from these sessions
are available on the Research Cluster’s blog @

If you would like to join the group, please .