Professor Duncan Ivison

As a faculty, we are passionate about ideas. For 160 years, members of our faculty have been thinking, writing, and arguing about ideas and their consequences. Whether it is global poverty, chronic disease, climate change, civil war, social and economic reform, reconciliation - or the even the nature of freedom – lying beneath all the spin and froth of everyday debate are fundamental concepts and arguments that require rigorous analysis and careful reasoning. Universities have a special responsibility to bring together the best thinking across the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to address the fundamental challenges our world faces. At the University of Sydney, we are committed to doing just that.

We are proud of the extensive range of subjects we are able to offer our students, which is unrivalled in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We are also committed to linking our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs with our research ambitions.

In 2011, our faculty was relaunched as a genuinely comprehensive Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with the addition of a new School
of Economics, joining us from the Business School. We are excited about the new pathways and collaborations this development opens up
for our students and researchers – cementing our distinctive position as one of the most comprehensive faculties of our kind in Australia.

I invite you to discover more about our faculty, the work we do, and how our ideas are helping to illuminate new pathways in research in the
humanities and social sciences.

Professor Duncan Ivison
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Research in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences extends across a diverse range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, embracing traditional, emerging and cross-disciplinary subjects. Staff in the Faculty enjoy international reputations in their chosen fields, reflected in the high level of publications-books, articles, chapters and conference papers-generated by Faculty academics each year.

Our researchers are located in the following Schools: