This pilot project is offered without restriction to all those interested in Sībawayhi.

There are only a few significant documents in the set which are not formally out of copyright. They are the French translation of the introductory chapters by G. Troupeau, published in the 1973-4 issue of the Mélanges de l'Université Saint-Joseph and the same author's article 'Le commentaire d'al-Sīrāfī sur le chapitre 565 du Kitāb de Sībawayhi', Arabica 5, 1958, pp. 168-182, and the Bohas/Carter and Larcher translations of Chs 1-6/7 (see the list of works on these). While it is true that we have not obtained explicit permission to reproduce these articles here, it is hoped that the publishers will recognise that our use of them is purely scholarly.

The reproductions from the St. Petersburg manuscripts were kindly authorised by the owners: we regret that the project has ground to a halt before the full importance of these manuscripts could be appreciated, but we hope to return to it some time in the future.

All the other works have been out of print for many decades and even the reprints neither claim nor enjoy copyright.

As for the small amount of original material included in this document, mostly introductory material and a few annotations, it is offered freely to anyone who will find it useful.

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