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Late News: We may be going international, with support from the recently founded Aradin Charitable Trust, based in Cambridge. Go to the Trust's
Website, click on "What we do" and scroll down to the Sibawayhi project.

Welcome to the second edition of the Sibawiki Project. It is no longer exclusively based in Norway (where it was called the Sībawayhi Project), but has opened another site in Sydney. We hope to continue with the digitisation of further texts in tandem with our colleagues in Norway. After another spring clean the Home Page is now smaller so that you can get to the texts without delay. See old Home Page for Gentium and Arabic fonts, the history of the project and its background, also links to other relevant sites.

For Firefox users: it seems Firefox will not recognise the Akhbar font, and replaces it with some default font which I do not much like. Perhaps something can be done about it, but not this year. Generally Firefox seems to want a lot more explicit tags before it will display the HTML doc with the same efficiency as Explorer, so some work needed there.

Sibawiki is not Sidewiki. Whatever Google may be up to it has nothing to do with Sibawiki, which has been the name of this Project since March 2006, when a grant application was submitted to a bunch of bozos calling themselves the Australian Research Council. We needn't have bothered.

It was not renamed the Sibawiki Project for nothing: if anyone cares to digitise portions of the text we will try to incorporate them into the site. After all, there are only another 539 chapters to process.

In fact we have received pages from Jahn (see below, Ch. 285) prepared by Peter Daniels in New York, which vastly improves this section of the project.

Contact and feedback: michael.carter "at"

It is important to check the list of works contained in the Demo (some hints for users of Jahn's translation have been added).

  Base Text at Ch. 1   The foundations of Arabic linguistics: parts of speech, inflections and general criteria.

Chapters 1 - 7 in three editions with links to translations and three manuscripts.

  Base Text at Ch. 285   The principles of nominal inflection.

Chapters 285 - 302 newly added: three editions with links to Jahn's translation, with footnotes for Derenbourg, and al-Sīrāfī and al-Šantamarī in the Būlāq ed., and now (thanks to Peter Daniels) with the complete notes of Jahn. The notes of Hārūn and MS links are still to come. We hope they will be added "real soon now" (computer-speak for mañana).

  Base Text at Ch. 565   The earliest systematic account of Classical Arabic phonology.

Chapters 565 - 571 in three editions with links to Jahn's translation, Troupeau's paraphrase and MS A.

  The combined Search Text for all Chapters so far processed.

Links to the Base Text by Chapter and Reference Bar, and to Derenbourg by page and line. Note that all the other texts are searchable individually as well.

Last visited: 22nd October 2013. Problems with access and editing are now overcome (but will be recorded in an attached blog).

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