Head of School Welcome

Welcome to the School of Literature, Art and Media (SLAM) website. Here you can explore the wide range of scholarly and extra-curricular opportunities SLAM offers in the arts and creative disciplines.

In SLAM you can pursue a course of study across departments such as Art History and Film Studies or English, whose contemporary relevance is guaranteed by generations of scholarly debate and discovery, or newer disciplinary formations such as Digital Cultures and Media and Communications, which derive their intellectual energy from recent cultural and technological developments like social media and mobile telephony.

We offer a broad range of focused study opportunities in a number of exciting subject areas including art curatorship, creative writing (fiction, poetry and screenwriting), media practice, museum studies, performance studies, publishing and video production. Our teaching staff are committed scholars, often with international research reputations and always keen to bring the latest scholarship into the classroom.

We are proud of the diverse teaching and learning environments we provide. As a student in SLAM you can benefit from resources such as

  • the Schaeffer Fine Arts Library, which includes the Power Visual Resources Library;
  • a professionally equipped Television Studio;
  • a fully specified Radio Studio;
  • a cluster of media production laboratories;
  • the Australian Literature Resources Centre;
  • or the Rex Crampthorn Studio (affectionately known as “the Rex”) where professional performance artists come on campus to work with students.

SLAM offers a larger number of internships than any other school in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Depending on your course of study, you could incorporate into your degree an exciting local or international placement with an affiliated gallery, media outlet, museum, public relations firm or theatre company, enhancing your first-class academic training with real-world experience. Click here to read the blogs of some undergraduate student interns in the B.A.(Media & Communications).

SLAM supports a rich extra-curricular culture with students encouraged to extend their learning outcomes to wider audiences. Some initiatives you could participate in include

  • the University of Sydney Student Anthology, where students learn in a hands-on fashion about the different stages of the book publication process from editing, marketing, design and typesetting, to event planning;
  • or Philament, an online journal in cultural and literary studies written and edited by students;
  • or Salience, a wide-ranging online journalism showcase produced by students in the Department of Media and Communications.

SLAM offers many possible courses of study. Whatever you might choose, you can be confident that your academic training will support a learned and ethical engagement with the contemporary world we live in.

Have a click around our webpages and see what appeals to you.