The School of Literature, Art, and Media (SLAM)

In SLAM, in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney, graduate and postgraduate studies and research in our departments and studies programs extend across a broad and creative range of textual, verbal, film and visual media, from medieval manuscripts to new, digital media and multi-media communication. Our graduates have a deserved reputation for excellence, and for their impact and influence on contemporary debates about our daily lives, social perspectives and networks, and history.

Attributes gained undertaking humanities-based studies at the School provide graduates with a wide range of internationally recognised career opportunities in research, government, teaching and industry. The internship, industry and related programs within the School, and the community and industry engagement programs of the University, enhance and extend these opportunities.

Our School offers postgraduate programs for both academic fields of interest, and professional needs. We are a leading innovator in the application of new media and communications technologies to the humanities.

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Active Research

SLAM is one of Australia's most active arts and humanities research centres, in Sydney, nationally, and internationally.

We are dedicated to excellence, innovation and high achievement in undergraduate and postgraduate research, and to the support of our student and academic research activities and careers.

Our academic research activities are listed under staff members' Department, Studies or Program profiles. General research activity is listed under the Research tab above left.