Civil Society Engagement: UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

20 September, 2013
3pm - 5pm

Dr. Alana Mann (Department of Media and Communications, University of Sydney).

Media@Sydney Research Seminar.

In 2008 the escalation of the world's hungry to 870 million led to proclamations of a new 'global food crisis'. This seminar explores how civil society actors including NGOs and social movements are establishing new understandings of issues related to rural poverty and hunger and communicating these in formal policy arenas. Based on interviews with policy-makers at the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Rome and civil society groups in Geneva and Vienna, this research reveals patterns of action in political arenas where non-state actors aim not only to foster reconsideration of chronic problems in light of new frameworks and ideologies, but to change the very culture of global governing institutions. The study assesses the dynamics of change occurring in transnational food policy arenas as a result of increased interaction between civil society actors and the UN. It seeks to explain how this interaction occurs and to assess whether or not it has contributed to institutional change that better accommodates the views of non-state actors on food and agriculture policy.

Dr Alana Mann joined the Department of Media and Communications as a full-time lecturer and researcher in July 2007. In her previous career she was a marketing communications manager at organisations including Fairfax Media and The Smith Family. In 2013 her first book Power Shift: Global Activism in Food Politics will be published by Palgrave Macmillian.


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