Getty Foundation funds South-East Asian art research

By Amelia Kelly

15 February, 2012

The histories of modern art in South-East Asia will be supported by a new partnership with the Getty Foundation in an exciting new initiative. 

Over the past six months Mark Ledbury, Professor John Clark and Dr Thomas Berghuis from the Department of Art History and Film Studies, Professor Adrian Vickers from the Asian Studies Program, together with partners in the South-East Asian region, have been working to create an exciting project which will examine the histories of modern and contemporary art in South-East Asia. The Getty Foundation has announced that it will fund the planning of this major collaboration under its Collecting Art Histories initiative. Provided that this process progresses well, the Department will then be able to apply for substantial recurring support for new partnerships, including doctoral and post-doctoral opportunities, publishing projects, and other constructive institutional tie-ups. This is a most exciting opportunity and will lead to new opportunities in doctoral and post-doctoral research and to new understanding of the direction of modern and contemporary art in South-East Asia, focusing on where it is taught, how it is carried out and how it links with global, regional and national histories of art. The planning grant will enable meetings in Indonesia, Australia and Singapore so that we can bring together partners and plan our long-term project.

The Getty Foundation is one of the major sponsors of research in the visual arts, and its foundation awards research grants via a rigorous review process. They have already shown their generosity to the Power Institute with their support of the Australian Studies in Art History and Theory book series, and this grant is further evidence of their confidence in the importance of the Power Institute as a global centre for research, understanding and diffusion of ideas. 

Contact:Susan Thomas