Internship: Sydney Film Festival 60th Anniversary

22 August, 2012


The Sydney Film Festival (SFF) is looking for a student with an interest in film to work on a project associated with the celebration of the Festival’s 60th anniversary.  For details about this exciting project, please continue reading after the fold:


The first festival was held at Sydney University in June 1954 and 60th anniversary project will involve the following:

Firstly, compilation of a list of all the films screened at the festival (film title, country of origin, director, year of festival, type of film e.g. doco, short, feature).  This list will be available on the SFF website, along with a scanned image of the festival program cover from the relevant year, and two or three quotes for each year from a combination of festival-goers, filmmakers, festival supporters and staff, critics, etc.  The aim is to provide a snapshot of each year’s festival on the SFF website – a resource for audience, academics, filmmakers, cinephiles, etc, worldwide.

Secondly, SFF aims to build on its 40th anniversary Oral History Project, when 40 individuals (supporters, founders, filmmakers) were interviewed by film historian Graham Shirley.  The interviews were transcribed and both the recordings and transcripts are held by the State Library of NSW.   Local government funding is being sought to cover the costs of adding to these interviews with approximately 12 representatives from the last 20 years.

Thirdly, for its 40th anniversary SFF produced a 32-page booklet, which included quotations taken from the Oral History Project and photographs taken at the festival over the 40 years.  Sections were devoted to the early years, programming, Australian films, short film awards, the Travelling Film Festival, censorship, guests and the festival’s impact.  It is proposed to use quotes from the 60th anniversary oral history project, along with quotes from other festival supporters, filmmakers etc, images from recent years, trailers (both SFF and film) to produce a 128-page e-Book.

Lastly, the e-Book would also include four or five essays on subjects relevant to the festival’s history.  These essays may also be reproduced in local film-related media.

The aim is to launch the 60th anniversary component of the SFF website in March 2013 – which means work must be completed by early February 2013. The project will be overseen by Jenny Neighbour who is the Programs Manager at the Sydney Film festival.


Who to Contact and How to Apply

Students who are interested should send an email to Associate Professor Judith Keene in the History Department ( with information on interests and skills and indicating why this project would suit their interests.  Please note that the deadline for the submission of applications is 31 August, 2012.


Contact:Judith Keene

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