Doctor of Arts in Creative Writing

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Welcome to the web page of currently enrolled students in the University of Sydney's Doctor of Arts in Creative Writing Degree. Our members include novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, poets, lawyers, film critics and the founder of Animal Liberation in Australia.
You can see biographies and samples of the work of our members, as well information on their upcoming events (talks, conferences, readings and more).
Our group was formed because we all believe passionately in university as a place to exchange ideas and fearlessly pursue creative ideas (and maybe that should be ‘ideals’, too).
Unlike other PhDs, our degree allows us to complete a creative project (a novel, screenplay, volume of poetry) as well as undertake ambitious thesis research work. Our supervisors are the acclaimed authors and academics, Associate Professor Dr David Brooks and Dr Sue Woolfe. We hope that our graduating members will not only contribute academically but also creatively. Take a look and see .....

Our members, all currently enrolled in the Doctor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing are:
Ian David, Toby Fitch, Aashish Kaul, Roberta Lowing, Frank Russo, Stephen Sewell and Christine Townend.