Early Modern Literature and Culture

EMLAC Meetings

EMLAC is convened by Dr Liam Semler () and meets on the last Friday of each month in the Rogers Room, John Woolley Building (A20), University of Sydney. It is driven by professional interest and enthusiasm, membership is free and visitors are always welcome. Meetings run for roughly ninety minutes and include the following:

Research Open Forum
The core of the EMLAC meeting is devoted to the raising and solving of individual research problems, queries, conundrums, and the sharing of recent insights and discoveries. Members may: make presentations on issues pertaining to their current projects which are then discussed; deliver new findings or theoretical challenges that have emerged from recent work or recent reading; request information about research methodologies or the use of resources; offer feedback on outstanding research questions or previously presented material. Following the wider forum of research sharing, opportunity is made for members to speak with each other one-on-one and to discuss mutual research concerns.

Presentation of Papers
EMLAC meetings are flexible so as to accommodate activities such as electronic database demonstrations or papers presented by members.

Notices, News and Information
Members inform the group of relevant upcoming conferences, workshops, calls for papers or chapters, and deadlines for grant applications. Recent publications by members are noted and made available.

Wider Research Effects

EMLAC meetings give rise to wider research effects including:

  • Peer review of conference papers and draft publication material by members;
  • Peer review of grant and fellowship applications;
  • Ongoing lines of research communication between members between meetings;
  • Expansion of research opportunities for all members;
  • Possibility of collaborative projects and grant applications;
  • Integration of English Department staff and students in a single, active research culture;
  • Enhanced symbiosis of research and teaching interests;
  • Innovative and significant new research initiatives for the Department of English.

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