Early Modern Literature and Culture

Members' Teaching Commitments

Members are involved in teaching the following units of study in the early modern area at the University of Sydney in 2010:

  • ENGL1002 Narratives of Romance and Adventure
  • ENGL2607 Drama: Classical to Renaissance
  • ENGL2650 Reading Poetry
  • ENGL2656 From the Metaphysicals to Milton
  • ENGL2657 Myths, Legends and Heroes
  • ENGL2661 Imagining Camelot
  • ENGL3605 Canonical Poetry
  • ENGL3633 Introduction to Old English
  • ENGL3634 Continuing Old English
  • ENGL3635 An Introduction to Old Norse
  • ENGL3636 Continuing Old Norse
  • ENGL3642 Studies in Medieval Literatures
  • ENGL3643 Canterbury Tales
  • ENGL3635 Political Speech in Early Modern Drama
  • ENGL3654 Libertine Literature: Sex and Liberty

Honours IV:
Medieval Languages 1: Old English
Medieval Languages 2: Old English
Gawain and the Green Knight

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