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Happiness, Joy and Pleasure Conference

26 – 28 November 2014
Keynote speakers:
Dr. Chris Bishop (Australian National University)
Associate Professor Louise D’Arcens (University of Wollongong)
The conference will interrogate the meaning of happiness, pleasure, and joy from interdisciplinary perspectives including but not limited to gender studies, literature, film, media, history, philosophy, health, economics, law, education, science and psychology.
A special themed edition of Philament, an online journal of culture and the arts, will be published. Conference delegates will be invited to submit article abstracts in early 2015.
Conference Program
For more information, please contact Chenoa Hunter, .

15th Australasian David Nichol Smith Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Studies

10 – 12 December 2014
Inaugurated and supported by the National Library of Australia, the David Nichol Smith conference is the leading forum for eighteenth-century studies in Australasia. It brings together scholars from across the region and internationally who work on the long eighteenth century in a range of disciplines, including history, literature, art and architectural history, philosophy, the history of science, musicology, anthropology, archaeology and studies of material culture.

For more information contact Jennifer Milam, or Nicola Parsons,

Australian Modernist Studies Network Conference

15 – 17 December 2014
The 'Transnational turn' in literary studies has been the focus of intense debate and sustained reflection in recent years, as have critical re-evaluations of Modernism’s transnational scope. Transnational Modernisms aims to provoke fresh thinking about the particular resonances between Transnationalism and Modernism, including the ongoing critical review of Modernism’s traditional Transatlantic focus.
For more information contact Mark Byron,

21C Health Communication Trends and Research in Asia-Pacific

February, 2015
For more information contact Gerard Goggin, , Fiona Giles, , or Olaf Werder,

Past Events

Aesthetics in Oceania

29 September – 3 October 2014
For more information contact Christopher Hartney,

Worlds Within

9 – 12 July 2014
The 2014 conference of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL), 'Worlds Within', invites discussion of the ways in which Australian literature engages with the world, and with world literature. It is linked with Robert Dixon's ARC DORA project, Scenes of Reading: Australian Literature and the World Republic of Letters - a project that asks how Australian literature - both as a field of cultural production and as an academic discipline with a cultural-nationalist legacy - can best be located in relation to world literary space while seeking at the same time to provincialise such overarching concepts as world literature.
For more information contact Liliana Zavaglia,

The Prosaic Imaginary: Novels and the Everyday

1 – 4 July 2014
The conference will open up the nuances of the term 'prosaic' by exploring the privileged relationship between the novel genre and multiple and complex categories of the 'everyday'. Building on John Plotz's notion of the novel as exemplary 'portable property', the conference will address the relationship between novel-reading as everyday activity and the novel's prosaic subject matter, whether this is conceived as material object, cultural practice, or speech act.
For more information contact Vanessa Smith,


Image Dance Think Tank

4 – 9 November 2013
A workshop-symposium led by Frank van de Ven and Tess de Quincey consisting of dancers, artists, artist-academics and academics. A new format for exchange between practitioners and writers was explored, with the latter effectively 'embedded' or integrated within the image practice and research.

Animals + Writing

7 July 2013
Animals + Writing is a one-day conference celebrating animals within worlds of writing. It is an opportunity to contemplate and discuss the influence of animals on writing practices within literary and academic contexts.

Global Romanticism: The second biennial conference of the Romantic Studies Association of Australasia

3 – 5 July 2013
Much of the recent scholarly activity in the area of Romantic studies has concentrated on ‘the four nations’: England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The second biennial conference of the antipodean Romantic Studies Association of Australasia would like to turn that on its head and to ask, again, about British Romanticism’s engagement with the rest of the world, and about the rest of the world’s engagement with British Romanticism.


Free Linguistics Conference (FLC)

6 – 7 October 2012
The Free Linguistics Conference aims to provide a widely accessible forum for linguists in all areas of research to come together and share their diverse perspectives and research.