Everyday Social Media Research Group

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and new mobile and location-based media services like Tinder and Snapchat are becoming central to participation in contemporary social life, culture, politics and economic exchange. Yet everyday social media uses in Australia are not well studied.

This interdisciplinary research group, sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, is made up of scholars from Media and Communications, Digital Cultures, Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, Education, Law and Computing Science. It takes a holistic approach to understanding the key dimensions and implications of social media in Australia, and to place this in an international context.

Everyday Social Media (ESM) brings together leading researchers to generate new research methods and knowledge of this field. the group is engaging with technology designers, developers, industry, regulators and policy makers via innovative talks, symposia, workshops and masterclasses.

ESM co-convenors are Professor Gerard Goggin, Professor Ariadne Vromen and Dr Fiona Martin

Events Program

April 2016

  • Social Theory, Digital Media and Media Justice. Professor Nick Couldry, London School of Economics and Political Science. 12 April, Department of Media and Communications

December 2015

  • Geert Lovink Masterclass: Issues in Critical Internet Studies. 10-11 December, MECO Seminar room 226, Department of Media and Communications
  • High Noon in the Summer of Social Media: Sandvig & Lovink on Alternatives, Algorithms, Critical Internets, Power & Platforms. MECO Seminar room 226, Department of Media and Communications
    - 1.30-3pm: Christian Sandvig (U Michigan), ‘Awakenings of the Filtered: Folk Theories of the Facebook News Feed’
    - 3.30-5pm: Geert Lovink (HvA, Amsterdam), ‘Critical Internet Cultures from Selfie Cult to Mask Design’
  • ESM group joins TrISMA (Tracking Infrastructure for Social Media in Australia) consortium, hosted by Queensland University of Technology.


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