The Queer Theory Reading Group at the University of Sydney seeks to promote a supportive and mutual learning environment for doctoral candidates working in the humanities. We engage in weekly scholarly discussions focused on canonical and contemporary works in queer theory. All the readings are pre-assigned, selected by current doctoral candidates to offer both new and established scholars in queer theory a focused point for discussion. While each semester the reading group features a different theme, the overall endeavour of the group is to interrogate the term “queer.” Refusing to reduce or reify the term, we want to explore the ways in which queer has been mobilised, and the ways in which it can be mobilised, to reconsider both contemporary and historical issues relating to, among other things, gender, sex, sexuality, race, identity, subjectivity and politics.


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Wednesdays, 4.30-6pm
Quadrangle S241 (enter Lobby D, behind the jacaranda tree, then take the door on the left)

Semester 2, 2016: Foucault: A Longtime Companion

Semester 1, 2016: The Way We Argue Now: Queer Theory's Current Debates

Semester 2, 2013: Feeling Political: A Semester with Lauren Berlant

Semester 1, 2013: All About Eve: Tracing the Career of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Semester 2, 2012: 9 Weeks with Ann Cvetkovich

Semester 1, 2012: What Does Queer Theory Teach Us about X?