Diploma of Language Studies - intensive pathway

An intensive pathway in the Diploma of Language Studies is being introduced in 2015, commencing in the 2014/15 summer session. This pathway will initially be available for the following languages:

  • Indonesian
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Japanese

The intensive pathway course is designed to meet the needs of students who are currently enrolled in a degree course with no units free for language studies, but nonetheless would like to study a language concurrently. Graduate and postgraduate students are also eligible to enroll for the intensive pathway.

The overall pathway structure consists of standard Units of Study that are offered in intensive format throughout the year. The duration for the course is one year. The typical structure of the intensive pathway is as follows:

  1. A common Unit of Study on intercultural communication, to be offered in a combination of online and intensive format.
  2. One semester-long country-specific Unit of Study, to be offered in English online, which provides common background knowledge on the target country (or region, in the case of Latin America), and specialist content relevant to different disciplines (e.g. health, engineering, business)
  3. Two level one Units of Study, to be taken in intensive format during the semester break.
  4. Four upper level Language Units of Study offered in intensive format during the semester or in summer or winter school format, which may be taken in-country – or else students can combine in-country study with standard language units.

Language learning in the beginners level Units of Study will be designed to cover relevant thematic areas and complement the English language background unit. This will include practical language associated with corporate, public service and research engagement (numbers, telling time, locations, taking transport, making and renegotiating appointments, language of phone calls).

In-country units will be taught using a University of Sydney curriculum by partner universities in a relevant country context

Internship units in relevant faculties will be cross-listed at the upper level and may be substituted for one upper-level language Unit of Study, on the condition that the internship be taken in a country where the relevant language is spoken. This will increase the relevance and flexibility of the diploma.