Diploma of Language Studies

No room for a language in your degree?

If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or combined degree at the University of Sydney, you can enroll concurrently in the Diploma of Language Studies. This lets you include a language as part of your studies, useful if your degree has no room for a further language major, or you have exhausted your junior credit points, or you simply wish to add the diploma to your qualifications.

Apply online for the Diploma of Language Studies.

You can also study the Diploma of Language Studies if you

  • are a student from another recognised tertiary institution and are currently enrolled in and undergraduate or combined degree; or
  • have been awarded, or are eligible for the award of an undergraduate degree from a recognised tertiary institution.

Pathways in the Diploma of Language Studies

Standard pathway
The standard suggested pathway for the Diploma of Language Studies consists of the completion of 48 credit points (8 units of study) studying part time over 3 years, although depending on a student's situation it can be completed in as little as 1.5 years. (The maximum time that can be taken is 6 years).

Accelerated mode
This new intensive pathway allows beginners in Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish to complete the diploma in 14 months. For further information on the diploma's Accelerated Mode, go to the FASS Future Students Diploma of Language Studies page.

Contact the degree director, , if you have any enquiries about the Diploma of Language Studies.