Teach English in Spain | Language and Culture Assistants Program 2018-2019

By Arts SLC Admin

21 November, 2017

Would you like to be an English Teacher's Assistant in Spain?

Language & Culture Assistants Program in Spain 2018-2019

The Language and Culture Assistants Program is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Education. Its main objective is to provide internships to Australian native English speaker university students and graduates, majoring in any subject. It is an opportunity to live in Spain and obtain an immersion experience whilst supporting the teaching of English in primary or secondary education, or in public language schools.

Students will spend a full academic year in Spain from October 2018 to May or June 2019, or one semester from January to May or June 2019. Preferred placement in different Spanish regions can be requested when applying for the complete school year.

The language assistants receive a monthly allowance (about 700-1000 euros per month), an orientation course in October and medical insurance. Travel costs to and from the country of origin and accommodation expenses will be at the applicant´s own expense.

Candidates must be Australian citizens, speakers of English as a native and possess a university degree or be in their final bachelor year at the end of the academic year 2018, preferably with some knowledge of Spanish (not compulsory).

For the school year 2018-2019 the online application period will commence in January 2018 and close on March/April 2018 (exact dates will be provided towards the end of 2017).


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