Students interviewed on SBS Radio - La lingua più bella del mondo!

10 March, 2014

Hear University of Sydney students interviewed in Italian on their experiences and impressions of Italy!
NEW! Olivia Fehon and Max Schintler! Also: Talia Walker e Max Schintler - Bridget van Dantzig - Jenny Wu - Ann-Louise Lucchiti -  Javiera Silvia Bravo - Madison James Hughes - Lucia Carolina Moon

This year the Department's Italian Government Lecturer, Dott. Antonella Beconi, has been busy organising a radio program titled ‘La lingua più bella del mondo’ (The most beautiful language in the world), broadcast by SBS Radio Italia, which involved some of our students.

The students were interviewed and talked about their motivation to study Italian, their experiences and impressions of Italy, its language and its culture, and how they imagine the country (those who had not yet been there). Each interview lasts about seven minutes. All in Italian, of course!

The broadcast was very successfully and SBS radio is happy to continue with it. The Italian Department consider this a great motivator for students to improve their knowledge of the Italian language.

Here are links to the interviews (some of these might already have expired - newest interviews are at the top!):









Max e Talia:

Contact:Antonella Beconi