Events from 22 February, 2017

  • Date
  • 2nd March, 2017
    13:30 to 16:30

    Languages at Sydney: Go Global | 2017

    'Languages at Sydney’ is an annual event where high school students get a chance to attend language tutorials here at the University of Sydney.

    You will meet our lecturers and professors. You will meet other language students from different high schools. You will see other university students in their daily life here at the University of Sydney. You will get the chance to attend language tutorials with other language students in one of our heritage classrooms. There is a wide range of language tutorials that you can attend. From modern languages such French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic, to Latin, Ancient Greek, and much more. There are 14 languages to choose from.

    ‘Languages at Sydney 2017’ will focus on thinking globally. We want you to see how powerful learning a new language can be, especially on the global scale. We want you to be proud that you can speak more than one language. We want your parents to be proud of you for excelling in a new language that even gives you an unfair advantage in your future career. We want you to not only understand the language, we also want you to feel the culture that makes the language beautiful and rich.