SURCLA Seminar | Brazil: Economy and Social Development, 1964-2012

14 May, 2013
5.30 - 7pm

Professor Áureo Rodrigues Pereira de Mello Júnior
São Paulo Governor State – University Unicsul-Murtinho Norte

We are pleased to welcome visiting lecturer Aureo Mello Jnr from Brazil, who will give a free lecture on “The Evolution of Brazilian Economy and Social Development” for interested students and staff. Prof. Aureo Mello Jnr will explore the main reasons historically for 1964 military coup, provide updated information about the Brazilian economy and social development, as well as the significance of Brazil in the BRIC formation, touching on economic indicators such as the index of inflation, index of minimum wage, ascent of social classes, foreign investments in Brazil divided per region, all in light of the new social programs advanced under the successive contemporary governments of Presidents Lula and Dilma Roussef in the 2000s.

Location: Old Teachers College Room 438

Contact:Vek Lewis