Festering sores in the land”: German reactions to Allied internment camps in occupied Germany after 1945

11 October, 2013
3.00 - 5.00pm

Dr Andrew Beattie
School of Humanities and Languages
University of New South Wales

In the wake of their victory over Nazi Germany, Allied forces detained over 400,000 German civilians in internment camps in occupied Germany. The paper will present work in progress from a research project exploring German reactions to Allied internment. How did Germans respond to this mass incarceration without trial? To what extent did different internment practices in the various occupation zones produce different responses? How did responses change over time? What significance do the answers to these questions have for understanding post-war Germany and the ways in which its history has been told since the occupation era and is told today?

Location: SLC Common Room 524, Brennan MacCallum A18

Contact:Tristan Lay
Phone: 61 2 9351 2262