Queer Arab Film Festival: 'Akher Kedba' (The Last Lie) (1950)

8 October, 2014
4.00pm - 7.00pm (depending on film length)

Akher Kedba (The Last Lie) Ahmad Badrakhan (1950) 116 min.
Film introduced by and Q/A with Professor Sahar Amer, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Akher Kedba is an example of classical Egyptian cinema of the 1930-1960s which features the hugely popular actors Ismael Yassin and Samia Gamal in a dancing, musical comedy. This film, like others in the same genre and like early European and American gay films, tackles queer Arab themes through cross-dressing and comic relief. Akher Kedba provides historical context for the development of queer Arab cinema.

Professor Sahar Amer is Chair of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and organiser of the Queer Arab Film Festival. Her research focuses on Arab diasporas, on gender and sexuality in Arab and Muslim societies, and on postcolonial identities. Her most recent book is What is Veiling?

All films in the Queer Arab Film Festival are in English or subtitled. Free Event - All Welcome. For a full list of films in the series download a copy of the program.

Queer Arab Film Festival is presented by the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and the project A Continuing Spring: Arab and Australian Views on Social Justice, Equal Economic Development and Cultures of Freedom. The project A Continuing Spring is sponsored by the Council for Australian Arab Relations (CAAR).

Location: Room N395, John Woolley Building

Contact:Professor Sahar Amer