Competitive grants

Researchers in SLC are encouraged to apply for internal and external funding. The major external funding scheme of relevance to scholars in the humanities and social sciences is the ARC’s Discovery Grant Scheme, although the Linkage Scheme may also be relevant. However, there are many other external schemes through which small (and sometimes very large) grants can be obtained for research in these fields. The best way to identify suitable schemes is to talk to other members of your department, or people in other institutions who work on similar topics.

Internal funding is available at the university, faculty and school level. If your department has enough resources, it may also provide supplementary funding. The main form of funding offered at the university level is ARC near-miss funding. This very generous funding is available to CI1s based at the university who are not awarded an ARC Discovery grant, but fall within the top 10- 20 per cent of applications. At least one near-miss grant each year goes to an ECR.

The main scheme at the faculty level is the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Research Support Scheme (FARSS). A call for applications for this scheme is made once a year. The school offers limited conference travel support, and small amounts of research funds (sometimes including FARSS top-ups) depending on resources available in a given year. The Head of School calls for applications for these funds at the beginning of the year. A second call is made if the school is in a position to offer more support after its mid-year financial assessment.

Comprehensive details on finding research funding opportunities and guidelines may be found on the University's Research Office website.

ARC - the Australian Research Council

  • Discovery Projects (DP)
  • Discovery Indigenous Research Development
  • Linkage Projects (LP)
  • Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF)
  • Future Fellowships
  • Australian Laureate Fellowships
  • Federation Fellowships

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences grants

  • Future Fellowship Scheme - Expressions of Interest to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • For further Faculty funding opportunities, including FARSS and FACRS please check the Faculty's Research Support page.

The University of Sydney grants