Ms Xiaowei Zhang

B.A. (CCNU), Postgrad. Dip. (HNU), M.A. (UNSW)
Associate Lecturer in Chinese Studies

A18 - Brennan MacCallum Building
The University of Sydney

Telephone +61 2 9351 4512

Biographical details

Xiaowei Zhang’s chief interest is in language teaching and education at the tertiary level. She has been actively engaged in teaching Chinese as a second language to Australian university students in Sydney. The units of study that she has been teaching and coordinating over the years at the Department vary from beginner to advanced levels of Modern Standard Chinese. In her teaching she encourages students to engage themselves in making links between language learning and understanding on Chinese culture, history, politics, economics and society. She puts an emphasis on integration of teaching methodologies with application of practical teaching techniques based on the analysis of students’ needs.

Research interests

  • Cross-cultural communication and understanding
  • Development of curricula and teaching materials
  • Chinese language acquisition in multi-cultural classroom

Teaching and supervision

  • CHNS 1101 Chinese 1A (For Beginners) - Summer & Winter Schools
  • CHNS 1102 Chinese 1B (For Beginners) - Summer School
  • CHNS 2601 Chinese 2A (Lower Intermediate)
  • CHNS 2602 Chinese 2B (Lower Intermediate)
  • CHNS 3601 Chinese 3A (Upper Intermediate)
  • CHNS 3602 Chinese 3B (Upper Intermediate)
  • CHNS 3603 Chinese 4A (Advanced)
  • CHNS 3604 Chinese 4B (Advanced)
  • Chinese Table for all units
  • Exchange Programs and In-Country Studies

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