Department of Sociology and Social Policy

The Department of Sociology and Social Policy offers three majors within the Bachelor of Arts and other degrees: Sociology, Social Policy and Socio-Legal Studies, offering a unique and dynamic approach to each field. Each major combines studies of theory, research and application of policies to real world issues. The Sociology Program emphasizes a historical and comparative approach to the study of social life and applies research and theory to contemporary social issues. The Social policy program focuses on the history and contemporary institutions and practices of Australian social policies, comparative studies of policies in other countries, and the contested principles of social policy. The program in Socio-Legal Studies deals with the study of legal ideas, institutions and practices from the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences. It includes study of crime and punishment, medico-legal and forensic practices, legal ideas and institutions. Socio-legal studies enables students to understand the impact of the legal system in different communities. The study of Sociology, Social Policy and Socio-Legal Studies is rewarding and exciting, and they are excellent subject areas for students in the BA Degree, Liberal Studies, Art/Law, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), and other combined and specialist degrees taught by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.



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