Events from 24 July, 2017

  • Date
  • 26th September, 2017
    12:30pm - 5:30pm

    ECR Workshop | Social Transformation Within and Beyond the Academy

    The Sociological Review Foundation is pleased to announce its first ECR Workshop in Australia, to be held at the University of Sydney on Tuesday 26th September 2017. The workshop will explore the possibilities for social transformation to occur within and beyond the academy, and interrogate the role of the academic in social change.

  • 6th November, 2017 to 8th November, 2017

    Environmental Justice 2017 – Looking Back, Looking Forward

    the Sydney Environment Institute at the University of Sydney will host an anniversary event, focused on both a retrospective look at environmental justice scholarship and activism and the prospects and themes for current and future work in the field. What have we learned, and what are the challenges, trends, and directions for environmental justice theories, movements and campaigns, and institutions and politics?

    Abstract submissions are now open!