A Postgraduate Research Day with Professor Michael Grenfell

26 November, 2013

Now available: vodcast from successful postgraduate workshop on Bourdieu (with Prof Michael Grenfell and Dr Karl Maton).

                                                     Pierre Bourdieu    Prof. Michael Grenfell

On 20 November 2013, Professor Mike Grenfell held a Postgraduate Research Workshop on using the work of Pierre Bourdieu in research. 50 postgraduate students and others registered for this highly successful event. Here, we have made available two vodcasts from the workshop.

In the morning, Prof Grenfell delivered a lecture on  ‘Working With and Within Bourdieu’s Cultural Space.’

SUMMARY: This talk focuses on cultural space as conceptualised by the French social theorist Pierre Bourdieu. It begins by outlining Bourdieu’s own background as an explanation for the derivation of concepts and world view he promoted. Such concepts as field, habitus and capital will be considered as analytical instruments to understand both production and consumption within the cultural field. This discussion will feature examples from Bourdieu’s own work and studies undertaken by the speaker in the fields of fine art and music. Key common features of site contexts will be contrasted and compared up to and including what such an analysis shows us. Practicalities and responsibilities will be considered in approaching the cultural field in this way.

A vodcast of this can be found  here

This was followed by a session  ‘The use, misuse and abuse of Bourdieu: Prof Michael Grenfell in conversation with Dr Karl Maton.’  A vodcast of this can be found here

Michael Grenfell is Professor of Education at Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland. He his background is in French Studies and he has a long research association in areas including education, language teaching and sociology, especially with respect to the application of the approach of the French social philosopher Pierre Bourdieu to a range of research topics. He knew and collaborated with Bourdieu for over twenty years and was three times ‘visiting scholar’ at the École des Haute Études in Paris. Besides a number of articles on Bourdieu, he is author of Bourdieu and Education: Acts of Practical Theory (with D. James, Falmer, 1998), Bourdieu: Agent Provocateur (Continuum, 2004), Bourdieu, Education and Training (Continuum, 2007), Arts Rules: Bourdieu and the Visual Arts (Berg, 2007, with C. Hardy) , Bourdieu, Language and Linguistics (Continuum, 2007), Bourdieu: Key Concepts (Acumen, 2012). He is currently working on a book on Bourdieu and Data Analysis.