Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Social Policy. We are one of Australia’s highest ranking social science departments, with expertise in Sociology, Social Policy, Socio-Legal Studies, and Criminology. In 2018 the QS Subject Rankings rated our Sociology program #2 in Australia and our Social Policy program #3 in Australia.

The Department is home to two new world-leading centres, The Sydney Asia-Pacific Migration Centre, and the LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building; a framework for the study of knowledge and education, which is now being used to analyse a growing range of practices across education, law, politics, arts, and public understanding of science.

We are also engaged in a variety of interdisciplinary research projects and informal research networks, including in criminology and socio-legal studies, and host the Biopolitics of Science Network, a social study of science which looks at the ways in which biosciences are redefining society, politics and legalities in areas of stem cell research, reproductive technologies, and genetic testing.


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