Human Rights has become the language of our time, and the core business of an increasing number of government, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations both in Australia and internationally. The internship program recognises the need for graduates with a deep understanding of human rights theory and practice and the ability to see how human rights language and tools can be used effectively in real life situations, offering students an opportunity to apply and develop their skills in practice.

Students participate in the Internship program after successful completion of their first 4 units of Study. The Internship program comprises 2 units of study – Social Justice Vocational Placement (SCLG6913) and Social Justice Vocational Project Design (SCLG6923). It is designed to give students:

  • an understanding of the institutional context in which human rights research, advocacy and/or policy-making takes place,
  • work experience using the knowledge and skills gained through the degree,
  • practical research and analytical skills development through the Internship placement and research project,
  • an opportunity to consider the analytic and conceptual material they have learned in their previous course work in a practical context.

Applications for internships can be made to a wide variety of organisations including Government Departments, Research Institutions, Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).