Multicultural and Migration Research Centre (MMRC)

The Multicultural and Migration Research Centre (MMRC) located in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy in the University of Sydney’s School of Social and Political Sciences is a direct descendent of the Multicultural Centre established in the mid-1970s at the Sydney Teachers College. It was then one of the first institutional responses in tertiary education to Australia’s developing policy of multiculturalism. Following amalgamations in tertiary education the Centre joined the University of Sydney at the beginning of the 1990s. Since then, as the challenges associated with migration and ethnic diversity have evolved alongside changes in the University, the role of the centre has also changed.

Under its Director, Christine Inglis, the Centre provides a focus for University researchers working on issues related to immigration, incorporation, citizenship and ethnic and cultural diversity. Through its extensive national and international networks the Centre offers to staff and outside organisations linkages and contacts to researchers, policy makers and funding agencies.

In addition to hosting international visitors and researchers it organises seminars and international conferences. It also provides briefing programs and consultancy research for governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Staff associated with the Centre have undertaken a wide range of research projects for state, federal and international agencies as well as community organisations.

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