Visiting Academics

Professor Stephen Cornell

July 2012
Prof. Stephen Cornell Stephen Cornell is Professor of Sociology and Government & Public Policy at the University of Arizona, where he also directs the Udall Centre for Studies in Public Policy. His PhD in Sociology is from the University of Chicago. He taught at Harvard University for nine years and at the University of California, San Diego for nine more before joining the Arizona faculty in 1998. While at Harvard, Professor Cornell co-founded the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development with economist Joseph P. Kalt. At Arizona, he led the establishment of the Native Nations Institute, a partner program to the Harvard Project.

He has written widely in Indigenous affairs and on racial and ethnic relations and identities. His publications include The Return of the Native: American Indian Political Resurgence and Ethnicity and Race: Making Identities in a Changing World, along with numerous journal articles. Professor Cornell has spent much of the last 25 years working with Indigenous nations and organizations in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand on governance, development and related issues.

While visiting the Department, Professor Cornell gave a Public lecture titled ‘Paths to Indigenous Self-Determination: Rights and Governance in Four English-Settler Societies’ and was a keynote address for the Department’s ‘Theorising Indigenous Sociology’ workshop, organised by Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner and co-hosted with The Australian Sociological Association, 19-20 July. The United States Studies Centre and the Department of Sociology and Social Policy hosted a private boardroom lunch on 17 July with Professor Cornell as special guest speaker - at which he spoke on the topic of the The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development and the Native Nations Institute. During his visit, he also presented a Masterclass directed towards postgraduate students with an interest in Indigenous affairs, governance, economic development, collective identity and ethnic and race relations.

Professor David Lyon

February –March 2012
Prof. David Lyon David Lyon is the Director, Surveillance Studies Centre and holds a Queen's Research Chair in Surveillance Studies at Queen’s University, Canada.

Professor Lyons is the Principal Investigator of The New Transparency Project. His key work is on the globalization of ID systems where he explores ID Cards as a form of surveillance. During his visit Professor Lyons was working with the Surveillance and Everyday Life Research Group and was a Keynote speaker at the Groups international conference Surveillance and/in Everyday Life: Monitoring Pasts, Presents and Futures’ 2012. Professor Lyon also worked with postgraduate students in a workshop titled Liquid Surveillance and the New Visibility.