Academic Staff

Chair of Department

Assoc Prof. Greg Martin Associate Professor Greg Martin Chair of Department

Academic Staff

Dr Salvatore Babones Assoc. Prof. Salvatore Babones Associate Professor
Dr Susan Banki Dr Susan Banki Senior Lecturer
Dr David Bray Dr David Bray Senior Lecturer
Dr Craig Browne Dr Craig Browne Senior Lecturer
Dr Beatriz Carrillo Garcia Dr Beatriz Carrillo Garcia Senior Lecturer
Prof. Stephen Castles Professor Stephen Castles Professor
Professor Danielle Celermajer Professor Danielle Celermajer Professor
Dr Fran Collyer Assoc. Prof. Fran Collyer Associate Professor
Dr Melinda Cooper Assoc. Prof. Melinda Cooper ARC Future Fellow
Dr Nadine Ehlers Dr Nadine Ehlers Lecturer
Assoc. Prof. Catriona Elder Assoc. Prof. Catriona Elder
On leave till July 2017
Associate Professor
Dr Amanda Elliot Dr Amanda Elliot Lecturer
Dr Sujatha Fernandes Professor Sujatha Fernandes Professor
Dr Allen George Dr Allen George Lecturer
Dr Fiona Gill Dr Fiona Gill Senior Lecturer
Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner Senior Lecturer
Prof. Michael Humphrey Professor Michael Humphrey Professor
Dr Gyu-Jin Hwang Dr Gyu-Jin Hwang Senior Lecturer
Dr Karl Maton Professor Karl Maton
On leave till July 2017
 Dr Karen O'Brien Dr Karen O'Brien Senior Lecturer
Prof. Nicola Piper Professor Nicola Piper Professor
Dr Elisabeth Valiente-Riedl Dr Elisabeth Valiente-Riedl Lecturer
Prof. Robert van Krieken Professor Robert van Krieken
On leave till July 2017
Dr Sonja van Wichelen Dr Sonja van Wichelen Senior Lecturer
Dr Rebecca Scott Bray Dr Rebecca Scott Bray Senior Lecturer
Dr Dinesh Wadiwel Dr Dinesh Wadiwel Lecturer
Dr Jennifer Wilkinson Dr Jennifer Wilkinson Senior Lecturer

Adjunct Staff

Adjunct Associate Professor Jonathan Bogais Adjunct Associate Professor Jonathan Bogais Adjunct Associate Professor

Affiliated Staff

Dr Alana Mann Dr Alana Mann

Senior Lecturer

Department of Media and Communications

Professor Stephanie Short Professor Stephanie Short


Faculty of Health Sciences