Adjunct Associate Professor Jonathan Bogais

Adjunct Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Bogais


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Current Position
Professor Jonathan Bogais is an interdisciplinary social scientist (political sociology and intercultural psychology), a specialist in foreign affairs (Southeast Asia and West Pacific) and a strategic adviser. He specialises in social and political transformation, intercultural relations, geosecurity, conflict, violence (structural & political), ethnicity, sectarianism and media.

Personal website:

Professor Bogais combines over three decades as a practitioner in Southeast Asia (senior analyst, foreign correspondent and strategic adviser) with an academic background in social sciences. He has had an ongoing involvement during this time in international missions, advised senior diplomats and delegations, and participated in conflict resolution negotiations – including frontline situations. He continues to be involved in these areas. He teaches social and political transformation, geosecurity, conflict, intercultural relations, and media. He also delivers non-generic short-courses and workshops - in Australia and overseas - addressing conflict analysis, peacebuilding, negotiation, and the intricate relationships between security and development.

Current projects

Knowledge utilisation: Rethinking relationships between research innovation and research implementation in conflict prevention.

Professor Bogais’ current focus is on 'Knowledge Utilisation in Conflict Prevention'. He has a UN appointment to investigate knowledge utilisation models in areas of ethnic and sectarian conflicts. By analysing cases in five Southeast Asian countries, this project looks at knowledge utilisation to rethink the interaction between research innovation and research implementation in areas of conflict prevention.



In over three decades as a senior analyst, foreign correspondent, strategic adviser, and [mostly teaching] academic, Professor Bogais has produced a considerable number of analysis, background reports, articles and broadcast material covering social, political, cultural and environmental issues – international with an emphasis on Southeast Asia and West Pacific. He has reviewed many policy documents and contributed in the drafting of strategic material for negotiations at international levels. (Bilingual: English and French.) More information on request.

  • WZB Berlin Social Science Centre (Germany) - 22 September 2014 - "Socio-economic disruptions and inequality behind ethnocultural conflicts in Southeast Asia"
  • Video recording for the "2014 Festival of Democracy" organised by the Sydney Democracy Network at the University of Sydney - 10 October 2014 - "Cambodia: Rampant Corruption - State Endorsed" – (Analysis)
  • ‘Asian Currents’ – Journal of the Asian Studies Association of Australia’ – June 2014 - "Greed the unseen peril on Myanmar's road to Democracy” – (Analysis)
  • Middle East Institute – Middle East – Asia Project’ – June 2014 - “Democracy without social cohesion cannot exist – The Myanmar challenge” – (Essay)
  • Asian Currents – Journal of the Asian Studies Association of Australia’ – April 2014 - “Cambodians continue to struggle in an inequitable society” – (Analysis)
  • The Conversation’ – 4 March 2014 - “Asia-Pacific focus will revitalise US hegemony, but at what price?” - (Analysis)
  • ABC News 24 – Afternoon Live – 24 February 2014 - “ABC's Kim Landers asks Jonathan Bogais to comment live on the discussion between Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and her Cambodian counterpart about sending asylum-seekers to Cambodia.
  • The Conversation’ – 6 January 2014 - “Engaging in Myanmar: Whose interest are we serving?” - (Analysis)
  • The Conversation’ – 14 November 2013 - “US Military-led Humanitarian Intervention in the Philippines” - (Analysis)
  • ‘The Conversation’ – 14 October 2013 - “Want a better world? You can’t look at GMOs in isolation.” (Analysis, 1,200 words)
  • SBS World News Australia - 6 September 2013 – Topic: “Sweden has become the first European Union country to announce it will give asylum to all Syrian refugees who apply”
  • SBS World News Australia - 22 August 2013 - Topic: “Myanmar/Burma: This financial year Australia will give $82.8 million to Myanmar in aid. But is the money really helping lift people out of poverty?”
  • SBS World News Australia - 2 August 2013 – Topic: “Cambodian Opposition Leader, Sam Rainsy, has demanded an investigation into the results of last Sunday's election results. After almost 30 years in office, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that he was once again re-elected, a claim rejected by Mr. Rainsy”
  • SBS World News Australia - 29 May 2013 – Topic: “Factbox: Who are the Rohingya people?

Social documentaries (Special personal research projects)

  • ITV production for National Geographic – 2006 – “Sahul – First across the ocean” – Position: consulting producer
  • Co-production – 2008 – “Solo, The Andrew McAuley Story” – Winner of the 2009 AFI (Australian Film Institute) Award for best documentary under 1-hour. Position: Consulting producer


  • La Coutume - Règles non-écrites qui régissent l’équilibre social des Kanaks. Éditions Gallimart - 1998
  • Chicka’s Story – The story of the late Aboriginal activist and leader, Charles “Chicka” Dixon Story. To be released late 2015


  • WZB Berlin Social Science Centre (Germany) - 22 September 2014 - "Socio-economic disruptions and inequality behind ethnocultural conflicts in Southeast Asia"
  • Agence France Press (Global) – (January 2014): Presentation and workshop on ethics in reporting. Audience: media correspondents and analysts
  • Department of Sociology and Social Policy, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Sydney (November 2013). Seminar: Human Security – Knowledge Utilisation in Conflict Prevention
  • Australian Department of Defence (February 2013): Workshops on human security (post conflict). Audience: defence analysts
  • Agence France Press – Singapore (January 2012): Presentation and workshop on the effects of conflicts on ethnic minorities. Audience: media correspondents and analysts
  • Australian Department of Defence (May 2012): Two series of workshops on ethnicity. Audience: defence analysts
  • AIATSIS/ANU National Indigenous Studies Conference 2011. “Young and old: connecting generations (Presentation and workshop)