Major in Socio-Legal Studies

Your pathway commences with the completion of two junior units of study:

You should note that 36 credit points of senior units in Socio-Legal Studies is a minimum requirement for the major.

I started my degree before 2014

For a major in Socio-Legal Studies, students must complete a total of 36 credit points comprised of all of the following:

. 24 credit points of compulsory senior units in Socio-Legal Studies:
. SCLG2601 Sociological Theory
. SLSS2601 Socio-Legal Research or SLSS3601 Socio-Legal Research*
. SLCG2615 Law and Social Theory
. PHIL2645 Philosophy of Law
. At least 2 units of study (12 credit points) of senior elective units of study selected from the units offered including cross-listed units in other departments.
*If you have not met the pre-requisites for this unit you may need to contact the Faculty office to enrol in this unit of study.

I started my degree in or after 2014

A major in Socio-Legal Studies requires at least 36 senior credit points from the unit of study table, including:

. 18 credit points of core 2000-level units of study:
- SCLG2601 Sociological Theory;
- SCLG2615 Law and Social Theory; AND
- SCLG2602 Social Inquiry: Qualitative Methods; OR
- SCLG2632 Quantitative Methods.
. As well as 6 credit points of core 3000-level units of study: SLSS3601 Doing Socio-Legal Research.