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SCLG2611 - Welfare States: A Comparative Analysis

Semester 2, 2012  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Gyu-Jin Hwang


Contemporary developments and debates concerning welfare in Australia are put into a new perspective when considered in comparison with welfare states throughout the world. In this unit of study, students will have the opportunity to compare Australian welfare arrangements and social policies with those in other industrialised countries. How do other countries conceptualise and make arrangements for people who are unemployed, or pregnant or sick, or old? What are the principles that underpin these arrangements and how can we account for the differences between countries? The unit will focus on social policies concerned with health, employment and unemployment, work and family, disability, ageing and childhood. Students will develop comparative analyses with both Western industrialised welfare states and the emerging Asian welfare states. In addition to developing knowledge of particular social policies in particular countries, students will explore the theoretical frameworks that have underpinned comparative welfare state analysis. They will also have the opportunity to interrogate the dominant discourses that have informed social policy development including those concerning rights, citizenship, obligations, reciprocity and social capital.


class facilitation (10%), 1x1500wd essay (30%) and 1x3000wd essay (60%)


unit reader will be available through the Copy Centre


1x2-hr lecture/week and 1x1-hr tutorial/week commencing week 2


SCLG1001 and SCLG1002



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this unit is available as a designated 'Advanced' unit for students who are already enrolled in the BA (Advanced) degree program

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