Units of Study

SCLG2612 - Self and Society

Semester 2, 2014  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Craig Browne


The nature of human subjectivity has fascinated and drawn the attention of thinkers from many different fields. While the questions, ‘who are we?’ and ‘how do we become individual?’ are often asked, the ways of answering these questions constantly change. In this unit, the discursive construction of the self will be examined in the light of the political, technological and social changes that constantly influence the meanings and histories of self, subjectivity and identity. The unit will explore questions such as whether there is a human 'nature' which precedes or exists beyond society; whether historical circumstances determine human emotional response; whether new forms of technology and modes of communication influence self-knowledge; whether consumerism and materialism commodify identity; whether the roles played in everyday life and the management of social interactions produce or conceal who we are. The unit begins with commonsensical views on identity and proceeds to deconstruct them.


tutorial participation (10%) and 1500wd take-home exercise (30%) and 3000wd research essay (60%)


1x2-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week


12 Junior credit points from Sociology




  10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm




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