School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry

The School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI), in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, is home to the Departments of Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, Gender and Cultural Studies, History and Philosophy. Our aim is to be one of the leading centres for teaching and research in the humanities in Australia and the world. Our academic staff include some of the most eminent scholars in our disciplines in the world, along with an exciting array of early and mid career researchers working at the cutting edge of their fields. We believe strongly in the close relationship between excellence in research and high quality teaching. Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are taught by staff who are making major contributions to the field, and our staff benefit enormously from working with the exceptional students we attract to our courses and programs.

If you are thinking of extending your studies or returning to university after some time away, SOPHI offers a wide array of postgraduate coursework programs and units of study, as well as research supervision at MA, MPhil and PhD. Visit the pages on our website and learn more about our highly accomplished researchers and teachers and about the many possibilities for study in the School and the Faculty.

Latest News

  • Fifth International History Intensive – A Great Success

    The Fifth International History Intensive, ‘Cultures of Diplomacy’, held from July 16th to 18th, 2014, brought together graduate students at all stages of their doctoral research from Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the United States of America. They were joined by Faculty members including Professor David Armitage (Harvard/Sydney), Professor Barbara Caine (Sydney), Professor Peter Becker (Vienna), Professor Kathleen Burk (UCL) and Professor Glenda Sluga (Sydney). 

  • University of Sydney-based project is now part of the UN 'Victory over Slavery' exhibit

    Emma Christoper's film They Are We has been introduced by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nation, as part sof the United Nations Victory over Slavery: Haiti and Beyond exhibit. The film tells the story of the return of the Cuban descendants of an enslaved woman to her village of origin in Sierra Leone.

  • Sydney History PhD wins Prestigious Oxford Sophie Coe Prize

    Garritt Van Dyk, a second year History PhD student affiliated with the Laureate program for his work on the transnational and economic history of national food cultures, has won the prestigious Sophie Coe Prize for his essay on the origins of champagne, 'Méthode Anglaise: Transnational Exchange and the Origins of Champagne'.

  • Cogito ergo sum: Latin making a comeback

    Michael Hanaghan, a classics doctoral student from the University of Sydney, is teaching Latin at Haberfield Public School using a course designed for primary school students called Minumus Mouse, which uses the tales of a family and a mouse who lived at Vindolanda in AD100.

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