Facilities and Resources in SOPHI

Tutors' rooms

The main tutors’ room is located in room 820 in the Brennan MacCallum Building. It is equipped with seven desks and computers (3 Macs and 2 PCs), bookcases and filing cabinets. There are two shared phones in the room; the numbers are 9036 6153 and 9036 6174.

Please be aware that the desks are not bookable spaces but are available on a ‘hot-desking’ arrangement.

There is a limited amount of space available on bookshelves and in filing cabinets to store books and other teaching materials; this is shared space so please be considerate of the needs of others. There is unfortunately no facility for securing valuable items. Laptops, mobile phones, iPods, handbags and any other items of value should be kept with you at all times.

Swipe Card
To obtain a key for the tutors’ room, your unit coordinator or supervisor is required to email . They will need to

- request that a key be provided to you for the tutors’ room (Room 820);
- provide your full name, email address and contact phone number; and
- confirm the unit of code and title.

Keys are usually ready to collect within one week.

When using the tutors’ rooms please be aware of the need to keep the room locked when not in use. If no-one else is in the room when you leave, you must lock the door on your way out.

Student consultations

Tutors may use any of the meeting rooms in the Brennan MacCallum Building for student consultations; there is one close to the Tutors’ room at Brennan MacCallum 814, but Rooms 726, 644, 509 and 542 are also available. Booking sheets are placed on the doors of these rooms each semester. These rooms are generally kept unlocked; if the door is locked when you arrive please contact the SOPHI Office on 9351 2862.

Copiers, printers and fax

Please ask the staff in the SOPHI office for a code to use the photocopiers
The School printers, photocopiers and fax machines are available to use for work-related purposes. The staff in the SOPHI Office are available to assist if you have difficulties using any of the office equipment, including if you forget your photocopier code.

SOPHI Mailroom: H305 (Quad)
Utilities room: 825 (Brennan MacCallum)

H305 (Quad)
Utilities room: 825 (Brennan MacCallum)

SOPHI Mailroom: H305 (Quad) +9351 3918

Unikey and email account

All casual academic staff employed within the School need a Unikey account which is your personal key to access the online services and e-facilities provided to staff and students of the University of Sydney. If you have been a student at the University you may already have a Unikey. When you sign your contract you must let us know what it is so that we can link it to your staff email account and provide you with access to our online systems such as the results processing system.
If you are new to the University, you will need to apply for a Unikey and email account.