Getting paid as a casual academic in SOPHI


University Code of Conduct

By accepting your engagement as a casual academic in SOPHI you agree to comply with the University's Code of Conduct. Download Code of Conduct

Your contract
Your appointment as a tutor is formalised when your sign your contract. Your contract specifies the number of tutorials and/or lectures and might include the amount of marking you agree to do, as well as the rates at which you will be paid. Your unit coordinator, in consultation with the Chair of Department and the Finance team, will determine the conditions of your contract.

Once the contract has been drawn up, the Finance team will contact you to let you know it's ready to sign.

Things you must bring when you come to sign the contract:

Previous staff member (if you have been employed as a casual academic by the University in the past 12 months):

  1. Employee ID Number
  2. UniKey (if you have one)
  3. University email address

New staff member (if you have not been employed as a casual academic by the University in the past 12 months):

  1. Proof of Identity, Residency & the right to work in Australia (such as photo ID, Driver license; birth certificate or passport) – All Original documents
  2. Tax File Number
  3. Bank Account Details (BSB details, account number and name of the bank and address of your branch)

What am I paid for?

You are paid by the unit for your face-to-face teaching and for marking:

  • Pay rates for lectures or tutorials are paid by the units which represent hours you spend on teaching or tutorial plus the relevant associated working time, such as preparation, reasonably contemporaneous marking and student consultation.
  • Pay rates for marking are on a unit basis, which depends on the number of students and the number of words essay you mark on specific subjects.

Getting paid

  • You only need to come to sign the contract once before you commence your casual teaching and you will be paid automatically based on the pay schedule form that is attached to your original contract.
  • Casual teaching is paid on the University’s fortnightly pay cycle, based on the payment schedule that was attached to your original contract.
  • getting paid and timesheets
  • Casual academic rates of pay.

Variations on your contract

Once you sign the contract, you are paid automatically on the agreed units for your tutoring, lecturing or marking. However, if you are unable to perform your task as originally agreed, you need to inform both your supervisor and the finance officer in order for them to arrange an adjustment on your next pay and find an alternative replacement for your teaching or tutoring during the period of your absence. If you are taking more classes and require an increase in your unit of pay, please talk to your unit coordinator (supervisor) about the variation. Once additional units of pay are confirmed, your supervisor needs to send an email to the Chair of your department and the finance officer to arrange the additional payment.

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