New Staff Members

SOPHI policies are, where possible, reflective of University policies which are subject to change without notice. As such, please refer to the information on this policy site as a guide only. At all times consult the links provided here for the most up to date policies and forms, and read this as a general overview only.

If you are a current staff member seeking information on hiring new staff, have a look at the Forms page.

Useful Links For New Staff

Commencing Employment at SOPHI

At a place like the University of Sydney, there's many things you need to do when you start working here. On your first day, you should meet the administration team - we are here to help you. The staff will walk you through all the paperwork, but it's handy to have the forms printed out and filled in in advance.

Before you arrive

Before you arrive, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Download an appointment form: either the
    academic appointment form or the
    general staff appointment form.
    The same appointment form is used for both casual and continuing appointments.
  2. Download a Bank Details Form and fill this in. If you do not know your BSB (Bank-State-Branch) number, contact your bank for information. (You do not have to complete this form if you have worked at the University before, or are on a scholarship paid by the University.)
  3. Fill in a PAYG Withholding Declaration. These forms are available from your local newsagent or post office. They were once known as Tax File Number Declaration Forms and are required by payroll. We cannot give you a PDF to print out as they are carbon forms. You will also be required to know your Tax File Number for your superannuation enrolment forms. (You do not have to fill in one of these forms if you have worked for the University of Sydney at any time in the last financial year.)
  4. Make sure you bring original evidence of your Australian citizenship (for continuing positions), for example, your original passport, birth certificate or naturalisation certificate. Otherwise, bring some form of current photographic identification (a driver's license usually suffices).
  5. If you are a casual staff member, download either the academic casual pay claim form or general staff casual pay claim form and keep copies for handy reference. You may wish to edit the forms on your computer if you will be working the same hours every week, and print them off only requiring a signature. Please note that scanned signatures on pay forms are unacceptable - ink signatures are required in all instances.

When You Arrive

  • Continuing Staff - After you have met your supervisor, he or she should direct you to the SOPHI Office. We will direct you the University's human resources (HR) team who will give you your contract to sign. Submit all the forms you have downloaded to the HR team. Show them your evidence of citizenship - they will take a copy for your file and return the original. It may be useful to ask them for your staff number.
  • Casual/Fixed Term Staff - Come and see us in the SOPHI Office when you arrive. We will take you to meet the Finance team who will get you started on the payroll. They will provide you with your contract - sign it and return it to them. You should also submit all your forms and show your identification. Please be advised that you may not start work without having signed a contract - if you have not signed, you will not be covered under insurance or workers' compensation.