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If you wish to order goods and services, please fill out the form below. Where possible, you should order from the University's preferred suppliers. If your order exceeds $4,000 and you do not use a preferred supplier (or one does not exist), you must submit evidence that you have sourced competitive quotations.

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If you are unsure of Responsibility Centre, Project Code and Analysis Code details, please liaise with the Finance team's Jimmy x18954 or Cam x16829.

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Quotations are not compulsory when ordering from preferred suppliers.

  • Quotations optional and recommended for orders under $4,000;
  • Two oral quotations for orders under $10,000;
  • Two written quotations for orders under $30,000;
  • Three written quotations for orders up to $100,000.
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I Agree that the equipment purchased from the University's funding will remain the University's asset and that I will need to return it to the University upon termination of my employment. Exception must be accompanied by justifcation and Head of School.

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